Tournament Rules 2018

Age Group Categories

W35+, W45+, W55+ M40+, M50+, M60+

Game Uniforms

Teams must provide their own light and dark colored team uniforms with numbers included (if possible). EMC referees will thank you!

Cancellations / Deadlines 

1. All teams can cancel anytime prior to the EMC Tournament with an additional charge included. Teams who cancel before the early-rate deadline (31.1.18) will be charged 50€ and 75€ after the registration deadline.

Check-in / Check-out

2. Check-in for EMC is Fri. 20, April (late check-in Saturday morning). Guest are welcome to check-in their hotels at anytime during official check-in day prior to competition and prepare themselves for the Opening Ceremony to be held later that evening.

Playing Rules

3. All games will be played under FIBA rules with the following exceptions.

4. The organising committee’s decisions are final in all matters and may change or alter any rule or regulation to benefit the tournament.


5. It is the team’s responsibility to be warming up on centre court at the half time

stage of the previous game. Published times are only an indication of the

proposed start time but games may start earlier if time permits.

6. Failure by a Team to be ready to start a game on time can result in a default

and the Game being awarded to the opposing team.

7. All Games Must Be Completed within the allocated Time Slot.

(See note re. Running Clock below)

Game Times

8. Each Game will consist of 4 No. 6- Minute Quarters.


10. 2 Time- Outs permitted per Game – (Time-Out = 1 minute)

(1 in first half and 1 in 2nd half).

Tied Games

11. In the event of a tied game, a non-stop 2 Min. Overtime will be applied played and played out.

12. Players will be disqualified after 5 Personal Fouls in any match.

13. Teams will be in ‘penalty’ in each Quarter,

once they reach 5 team fouls.


League Tables will be used to determine the Play-off make-up for Sunday.

14. Tournament Pool Games will be determined based on the entry of teams-per-category. The organizing commitee will set-up a suitable system based on the amount of teams.

15. Winners are decided by league position, league points and if necessary point difference.


16. Players are ONLY permitted to play/register for ONE TEAM in any competition within the Masters Tournament.

17. No Upper Age Limit for players the 2018 tournament. The rule is that all Men playing in 40’s Tournament must have a total team Age Average of 40 years old. For example a player with 35 years can compete if another player is 45 years old. Together their Ages is old enough for entry. This rule also applies for All Age Group Categories.

18. All Players must provide their Date of Birth. Proof of age may be requested and the playing of underage players will result in immediate disqualification. (Any team is entitled to request proof of age from another team through the organising committee on the day of the tournament).

19. In the event that a team is short of players, which would make them unable to continue to participate, the team can make representation to the Management Panel to request a relaxation of the Player Eligibility rule. This can only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

20. It is expected that all players conduct themselves professionally. EMC Tournament organising staff will not tolerate abuse of referees or officials AND any such abuse will result in immediate player disqualification with the possibility of future ban on playing in EMC tournaments.

21. If a player is ejected from a game for any of the following offences – accumulation of two technical fouls, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct or violent fouls, said player will be disqualified for the next game and depending on offence may be disqualified by the Management Panel for the remainder of the tournament.