Euro Masters Cup – Austria

International Basetball Tournament

There is always a reason to pick up a ball and take another shot!

Join us at Euro Masters Cup – Austria 2018 as EMC serves as preparatory tournament and open for all FIMBA, FIBA and Clubs around the world and normal FIBA Official Basketball Rules & Regulations apply.

Age Categories

Age Group Categories are now based on average ages of players per team.


Category 1: W35+ / Category 2: W45+


Category 1: M40+ / Category 2: M50+

Team Participation Fee

250€ / Team  (200€ early-rate)

Early Rate with Registration until 31.1. 2018

Hotel Booking

Book Hotels by following the link here provided by Region-Villach Offizielles Tourismusverband!

EMC Booking & Registration services are mandatory for all participating teams unless previously confirmed and notified by the official EMC organizing staff members.  Any participating teams who risk can result in non-refundable disqualification from the tournament.

Rules & Regulations

Some rules have been adjusted to help fit the needs and demands of the growing basketball markets around the world who are considering joining EMC 2018. We have adjusted the Age Group Categories which do not have specific categories, however are now based on average ages of players per team. This encourages more competition within games and helps to bring more teams which otherwise do not have a sufficient amount of players with appropriate ages to compete in a single Age Category.