Euro Masters Cup – Austria

Not Your Last Shot!

28. April – 1. May, 2017

Villach, Austria

Euro Masters Cup – Austria

We believe there is always a reason to pick up a basketball and take another shot! We invite you along with family and friends to take part in a 3-day weekend Basketball Tournament for adults and seniors included Side-Events featuring a boat-ride on the Drauschiff, Opening Celebration, Social Mixer Gathering and drink presentation!  The Region Villach offers Nature activites, family excursions and plenty of attractions for all to enjoy!  

Age Group Categories

WOMEN:  F35+, F45+ years / MEN:  M35+, M45+,  M55+ years

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Min. 8 Players per Team

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n 4 – 6 Teams per Age Group

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Maximum 1 Game per day (total 3)

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n No upper-age group limit

See Official Rules & Guidelines for more!

Tournament Modus

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Age Groups of 4 Teams:  Round Robin ; Best Team

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Age Groups of 6 Teams:  2 Groups of 3 + Final

** Groups will filled based on demand. Groups with most teams will compete in the Euro Masters Cup Tournament!

See Official Rules & Guidelines for more!

Friendly Games

Teams with mixed ages (i.e., players 35-55 years old). Teams who do not have enough players to qualify for any Age Group Category can still compete in the tournament. Friendly Game teams will compete in a Category based on the average ages of all team members.

See Official Rules & Guidelines for more!


15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Rule 1: Love the Game

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Rule 2: Respect the Game

15940771_760350714119065_5058905947085592021_n Rule 3: Have fun!

See Official Rules & Guidelines for more!

Referees & Officials

@EuroMastersCup 2017 games will present official referees, table officials and normal playing time. All teams will play one (1) game per day!

Booking & Registration

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